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D.C. residents can apply to have Ikea give their room a makeover

To apply, simply submit a short video detailing which room you want refreshed and why

Photo via H is for Home

Finally, ugly rooms in the District will get their well-deserved makeovers, thanks to Ikea’s Home Tour Squad. This squad will travel across the nation to Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Boston, and Washington, D.C., where residents will be able to apply for a free makeover from Ikea’s design experts.

In order to apply to have one room refreshed, submit a two- to three-minute video with information on who lives in the home, a panoramic view of the room and the home it’s located in, and a personal dream or goal that would be more easily accomplished with a better designed room.

The Home Tour Series will be shot and produced by Ikea employees, according to Quartz. So far, there are approximately 185 Home Tour Series episodes uploaded on Ikea’s YouTube channel. The series offers ideas like how to get the most out of a small bedroom or how to transform a patio into a backyard oasis. Over 71 million views have been collected so far.

If interested in applying to have a room in your home totally transformed, be sure to submit your short video on Ikea’s website here.

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