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Most D.C. renters plan on leaving rather than settling down, says report

The lack of affordable options is driving residents out of the city

If you’re looking for affordable housing, maybe look away from Washington, D.C., and head elsewhere. That’s how 77 percent of renters in the District feel, according to a new report by Apartment List.

As a comparison, 64 percent of renters across the nation plan on settling down in a new city. The reason why so many renters in D.C. don’t plan on settling down is because of affordability. 42 percent of renters listed this as their top reason for leaving. The two other most popular reasons for leaving are jobs (24 percent) and a better commute (13 percent).

When D.C. renters do leave, the most popular out-of-state (ahem, out-of-District) destination is Baltimore, Maryland. The second and third most popular destinations are Los Angeles and Philadelphia, respectively.

When it comes to cities where the majority of renters plan on staying put, San Antonio ranked number one with 57 percent of renters interested in settling down. 45 percent of renters in Louisville, Kentucky, hope to remain, while 44 percent of Houston, Texas, renters hope to stay as well.

In their report, Apartment List surveyed approximately 24,000 renters across the nation. To see Apartment List’s full report, head over here.

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