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120-square-foot tiny house in Potomac lists for $15K

What a deal!

All photos via Craigslist

Tiny home lovers, your chance to buy a 120-square-foot house is now possible, thanks to this brand new Craigslist listing. Located in Potomac, Maryland, this “furnished” property offers a skylight, shower, and a built-in couch that can also turn into a desk.

According to the $15,000 listing, the property was constructed in 2015 by Trekker Trailers in Eustis, Florida. It measures 14 feet by 8.5 feet. Four windows, an AC wall unit, and an electric and gas water heater are included. The four-foot kitchen also features a two-burner electric cooktop and a small fridge.

Yes, there is a bathroom. It comes with not only a toilet, but a shower as well.

There is also “some outside storage” as well as off-street parking. The listing further indicates that there is on-site laundry available, but the listing photos don’t reveal a washer or dryer on the property.

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