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Arlington SunTrust Bank site may house 27 townhomes

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Each townhome will span three or four stories and will house a two-car garage

The SunTrust Bank located at 6711 Lee Highway in Arlington, Virginia.
Photo via Google Street View

At the site of a SunTrust Bank in Arlington, Virginia, one developer is planning on constructing 27 three- and four-story townhouses. UrbanTurf reports that the townhomes will be constructed in clusters of four and five with each housing a rear two-car garage.

If all goes according to plan, there will be 10 parking spaces for visitors. The site, located at 6711 Lee Highway, will have to be rezoned before any construction can happen.

To see what the project will end up looking like, be sure to check out UrbanTurf for a rendering.

Another SunTrust Redevelopment: 27 Townhouses Planned For Bank Site in Arlington [UrbanTurf]