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Uptown Theatre’s iconic sign will not be removed [Update]

An AMC Theatres sign may take its place

Uptown Theater Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Carol M. Highsmith

This Monday, news broke that one of Washington, D.C.’s most historic theaters and Art Deco buildings, Uptown Theater, would eventually take down its iconic sign for an AMC Theatres sign.

From a Cleveland Park listserv, PoPville reported that a pending application with the Historic Preservation Review Board requested the change. In response, the Cleveland Park Historic Society (CPHS) provided the following statement to UrbanTurf:

“CPHS is aware of the application by AMC to replace the iconic sign on Cleveland Park’s 1936 Uptown Theater. We have received an outpouring of concern and support for saving the sign, which has graced the theater through 81 years and many changes of ownership. We are working with ANC commissioners and the Art Deco Society of Washington to respond.”

The theater first opened in 1936 at 3426 Connecticut Avenue NW. Over the years, the building has been remodeled, but its historic facade remains largely the same. The architect behind the building is John Jacob Zink, whose firm went on to design over 200 theaters in the nation.

UPDATE: DCist reports that AMC Theatres has nixed its proposal to remove the sign. Ryan Noonan, the director of corporate communications at AMC Theatres, told DCist:

"In response to community feedback, AMC will maintain the Uptown signage, with an upgrade to LED lighting for better energy efficiency and to ensure the sign remains in good working order. We continue to evaluate additional exterior signage plans, including the addition of the AMC brand on the theatre. We appreciate the passion and feedback from the community, and look forward to serving moviegoers at AMC Uptown 1 for years to come."

Below, take a look at some of the responses that were collected after news broke that the Uptown Theatre sign could have been removed:

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[UPDATE 7/31/17: A tweet with an image of the proposed AMC Theatres sign was added.]

[UPDATE 8/1/17: This article has been updated with reports that AMC Theatres is nixing its proposal to remove the sign.]