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This Craigslist listing in D.C. is perfect for a laugh—and a good deal

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Expect the roommate of this rental to have a good sense of humor and a bit of a potty mouth

Photo via Craigslist

Forget real estate brokerbabble. This easygoing, humorous Craigslist listing offers crass language and an extra dose of honesty.

If you wouldn’t care for living with a 25-year-old Republican who is working in Criminal Defense and has a penchant for hookah and politically charged conversations, move along. If you're a little more open-minded to new possibilities, roommates, and a really good deal on a Washington, D.C. apartment, this rental is sure to tickle your fancy.

This pet-friendly apartment is located in a two-bedroom unit near Columbia Heights and Petworth. A Yes! Organic grocery store is only a block away, according to the listing. Asking $1,225 per month, this rental comes with a private en-suite bathroom, washer and dryer, and a rooftop deck with grills and a television.

Photo via Craigslist

According to the listing, expect "windows on windows" and a rather relaxed atmosphere. While noting that the former roommate "[drank] at inappropriate times," the listing agent said that no complaints will be made if the next roommate drinks their first Natty Boh at 10 in the morning.

"That noise will never happen, nor fly under this roof," said the listing.

Check out the full listing from Craigslist below (with crass language redacted when needed):

What's up, D.C. People?

My roommate went and moved in with his girlfriend, because apparently some things are more important than drinking at inappropriate hours and talking ... about the New England Patriots. As such, I need a new roommate.

Have you ever looked at your apartment and thought "... this place does not have nearly enough windows?" Because this place has windows on windows. In fact, the only part of the apartment that's not made of windows is your ... private ... bathroom with a high pressure showerhead that's gonna blast all the grime of the Swamp off you in seconds. Essentially you live in a glass house, but feel free to throw all the ... stones you want, 'cause we're up real high and nobody can throws that far. LOL, suckers.

Are you tired of the ever-present "laid back young professionals" who "like to have a good time" but then start going all ... Revolutionary Guard on you ... for cracking your first Natty Boh at 10 a.m.? 'Cause that noise will neither happen, nor fly under this roof.

Have you ever not wanted to put up with busted down washing machines? Or skeevy neighbors stealing your [belongings] from the dryer (Looking at you Nathan, give me back my shirt)? Or grubby landlords trying to squeeze an extra five dollars out of you for the privilege of using their Ford-Administration washing machines (Looking at you, all of Glover Park)? Because this joint's got both IN THE UNIT, FOR FREE. You can wash things whenever the hell you want, because America.

Sick of people thinking "Metro Accessible" means you only have to take TWO busses and wade a quarter mile through a crowd of tourists to get to the Metro. Because this place is a just two blocks from the Georgia Avenue Metro. It would be one, but sorry, you've got a full-ass Safeway right between our place and your stop. Rough. I know. And if you're one of those healthy types that doesn't like cramming your[self] ... full of preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup, we've got a Yes! Organic a block away in the other direction.

Do you want to get SWOLE AF? There's a free gym membership involved at a place a five minute drive away. Now you can work off all that Safeway food and 10AM Natty Bohs. I know I'll be going, before the Maryland Bar Exam turns me into some Island of Dr. Moreau Looking Monstrosity made only out of cheap beer, baby carrots, and whatever ... I can make in a crock pot.

Do you like hanging out on roofs and grilling? (Note that I didn't say grilling meat, you can grill vegetables and tofu or whatever too if that's your thing, and that's awesome.) Of course you do, because you're not Ted ... Kaczynski. Well, we've got a 24 hour 365 day roof deck with grills and a big ... TV.

Me, I'm a twenty-five year old student-debt-drowning millennial stereotype who got a job working in Criminal Defense after number two law school in the country (when sorted alphabetically), went and gave me a law degree. I like hanging out on the couch, drinking beer, hookahs, talking about politics, going out, watching TV, weeping silently in my room in anticipation of Bar Exam results and all sorts of other cool [stuff]. I took the D.C. tour guide exam too, so if you're not from here, I can definitely show your transplant ass around. Just a heads up, and I swear that this is the only town where people seem to care about this - I am a Republican, who will occasionally say nice things about our President. If that's a dealbreaker, I assure you that you will have no trouble finding some kinda commune in Tenleytown to accomodate you.

I'm very respectful of your possessions too. My stuff, for the most part, is your stuff. But if you leave something out in the living room, I'm gonna be like "oh ... That [is] not mine. I shouldn't [mess] with it" and not hide it or yell at you about it, because I'm not a complete ... brownshirt or a passive-aggressive bag of dongs.

You're a person who doesn't suck.

I don't give a ... about your race, sex, gender, who you like to screw, your stance on our President, or PCs vs. Macs, or ... whatever. I'll even help you move in! Just help me pay my rent on time, and be able to pass a routine credit check, and don't be some kind of diddler that can't pass a background check from the leasing company. I would like to meet you, or at least Skype before we seal the deal because, hell, we're gonna be living together for at least a year.

Hit me up, unlike some people on Craigslist - y'all [people] know who you are - I'll contact you back. Just do me a favor and put Make Petworth Great Again in the subject line so I know you're not a spambot, or worse, a ... Commie.

$1225 / 790ft2 - Room in Brand New 2BR Columbia Heights/Petworth Apt. (Petworth) [Craigslist]