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Crystal City’s pop-up library to remain open through June 2018

This innovative, popular space will continue to offer books and a space for public gatherings

The Connection: Crystal City.
Photo courtesy of Arlington County

Since September 2016, there has been a pop-up library in Crystal City, called “The Connection: Crystal City,” designed to integrate library services into the daily lives of Arlington, Virginia, residents. Originally, The Connection was only intended to stay open until the summer of 2017, but, thanks to an “overwhelmingly positive” community survey, the pop-up library will stay open until June 2018.

The location of the library is inside the Crystal City Shops at 2100 Crystal Drive, only a few blocks from the nearest Metro station. It offers not only books, but also audio visual materials, games, and tech access. The Connection has also been a space for community meetings, workshops, and book groups as well as art exhibits.

In a statement, JBG SMITH Executive Vice President of Development Andrew VanHorn said, “The revitalization of Crystal City is a top priority for JBG SMITH. The Connection is a prime example of the placemaking efforts we are employing throughout the area, in that we are finding creative ways to provide value and utilize space.”

The Connection is open for a minimum of 30 hours per week. For all of the details on how much the Arlington County Board is paying per month for maintenance, utilities, and the connection to the County’s fiber optic network, check out ARLnow’s article here.

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