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Rockville relocates Confederate statue

After 100 years, the statue is being relocated to White’s Ferry

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A new home has been found for a statue of a Confederate soldier that brought up much debate from locals in Maryland.

For over 100 years, the statue has stood in downtown Rockville next to the Red Brick Courthouse, donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Non-profit Peerless Rockville believes that the head of the statue was modeled after Confederate veteran and former Mayor of Rockville Spencer C. Jones.

In 2015, County Executive Ike Leggett asked for the statue to be removed due to its revisionist history. In a statement, he said, “My motivation in wanting the statue moved is simple and straightforward. Montgomery County residents fought on both sides of the tragic conflict that so divided our nation more than 150 years ago. However, this statue is inaccurate because it pays tribute only to the Montgomery County young men who fought for the Confederacy, not also to those County residents who fought to preserve the Union and free those held in bondage."

Later that year, someone spray painted the message, “Black Lives Matter” on the monument. To prevent further damage, the statue remained encased in a wooden box, according to The Washington Post.

The statue’s ownership was transferred in February 2017 to White's Ferry, a privately run Potomac River ferry named after a Confederate general. The move date of the statue was kept under wraps in order to prevent any backlash or protests.

DCist reported that the $100,000 relocation of the 13-ton statue is being paid for by Montgomery County.

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