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Here’s the salary you need to comfortably rent a two-bedroom apartment in D.C.

Out of the 15 Metro areas studied, the District ranked fifth for highest income needed

This two-bedroom apartment is on the market in Dupont Circle for $4,085 per month.
Photo via Zillow

SmartAsset researched 15 Metro areas in the U.S. to estimate what salaries would be recommended for two-bedroom apartments in each of them. In order to come up with the final numbers, SmartAsset analyzed the average rent data and compared it to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s affordability threshold.

Out of the 15 Metro areas studied, Washington, D.C., ranked fifth for highest income needed. The income ended up being $103,543.

With this number in mind, SmartAsset recommended renters look at Alexandria, Virginia, instead, which requires an income of $76,000 to comfortably afford an average two-bedroom in the city.

Below, take a look at an infographic by SmartAsset that shows where the most and least expensive areas of the nation are for renting two-bedrooms.

Image via SmartAsset

The Income Needed to Pay Rent in the Largest U.S. Cities – 2017 Edition [SmartAsset]