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The D.C. area’s 5 most profitable counties for flipping homes

From Prince George’s County to the City of Manassas

In March 2016, Redfin proclaimed the Washington, D.C. neighborhood, Petworth, to be the most popular and most profitable neighborhood for flipping homes. For those thinking of flipping homes near the District, but not in the District, Washington Business Journal has what you need to know.

Excluding D.C. proper from this list, the five D.C. area counties and cities with the highest return on investment include:

  1. Prince George’s County: 80.4 percent. $117,223 average gain
  2. City of Alexandria: 49.6 percent. $138,750 average gain
  3. Montgomery County: 45.7 percent gain. $109,750 average gain
  4. Prince William County: 36 percent. $79,225 average gain
  5. City of Manassas: 33.1 percent. $72,500 average gain

Washington Business Journal further reported that the most profitable U.S. city for flipping is Pittsburgh, with a 141.8 percent return.

Where to flip homes in Greater Washington and get the most bang for your buck [Washington Business Journal]