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Plans for Capitol Hill party house worries neighbors

“It’s like we’re under siege” 

428 New Jersey Avenue SE.
Photo via Google Street View

In Capitol Hill, there are plans to rezone a townhome from residential to commercial with the hopes to create another party house in the community, a decision that has some neighbors worried.

Local resident Desiree Ponti told, “It’s like we’re under siege. This is taking a serious toll on the community, the stress of fighting it year after year. You can’t put that kind of pressure on residents to prove that this is a residential neighborhood.”

The 2,100-square-foot home, located at 428 New Jersey Avenue SE, is under contract to the Congressional Hispanic BOLD Political Action Committee. reported that there has been a growth in the number of lobby groups, trade organizations, and political action committees that have bought buildings in the neighborhood for fundraising or networking events with members of Congress.

Jennifer Samolyk, of ANC 6B01, said that if this home is rezoned, “It will have a profound effect on other ANCs ... It’s precedent-setting.”

A number of neighbors have contributed funds to attain a lawyer to fight against the Congressional Hispanic BOLD Political Action Committee. A hearing with the Board of Zoning Adjustment will be held on June 7 to decide on the rezoning.

‘Party House’ Hearing Before Board of Zoning Takes Place Wednesday []