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Eastern Market Metro’s park to get a new design

Expect new play areas and better landscaping

With the hope to create a brand new civic space in Washington, D.C., there are plans to redesign the park by the Eastern Market Metro station. The redesigned park will offer a play area with a tree house, jungle gym, water pump, and swing set. Greater Greater Washington reported that there are also plans for an outdoor reading area for the nearby Southeast Neighborhood Library, more environmentally friendly landscaping, and new bus stops.

D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen said, “This project is a big deal for Capitol Hill and for Ward 6, but also for the District. A green and thriving Eastern Market is the heartbeat of D.C.” The project is expected to receive $4.5 million.

The work is scheduled to begin in 2019, coinciding with the renovations that will be done to the Southeast Neighborhood Library.

A new park and playground are coming to the Eastern Market Metro stop [Greater Greater Washington]