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Theodore Roosevelt Island closed for at least three weeks for tree removal

An “invasive and deadly” pest has infected a number of trees in the Potomac River island

Theodore Roosevelt Island
The Theodore Roosevelt statue at Theodore Roosevelt Island.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Daderot

For the next three or so weeks, starting June 26, Theodore Roosevelt Island will be closed. A National Park Service press release stated that “a recent tree survey ... found extensive damage to trees along the island’s trails from the invasive and deadly emerald ash borer.”

ARLnow reported that sections will reopen once the weather-dependent work on the 88.5-acre island furthers completion.

The emerald ash borer is a pest that is described in the press release as “highly destructive, killing ash trees within two to three years once infected.” There is no known cure for a tree that has been infected.

Roosevelt Island Temporarily Closed For Diseased Tree Removal [ARLnow]