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Historic Thomas Circle church may be expanded, converted to office

The church’s interior will be completely modernized if this developer gets their way

The National City Christian Church at 5 Thomas Circle NW.
Photo via Google Street View

At 5 Thomas Circle NW, a developer is planning on converting a nearly 90-year-old church into a modern office space.

The church is called the National City Christian Church and was designed by the same architect behind the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the National Archives, John Russell Pope.

Washington Business Journal reported that the developer behind the project, Rock Creek Property Group, hopes to add 21,209 square feet to the 1953-built western wing, which is also known as the Campbell Building. An extra 230 square feet would be constructed on the existing third story. A fourth and partial fifth story is also planned.

Other plans include upgrading the landscaping and handicap ramp, modernizing the building’s interior, and updating the front terrace.

Rock Creek Property Group makes a play for a piece of this Thomas Circle church [Washington Business Journal]