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Mapping D.C.'s most and least expensive neighborhoods for renters

Logan Circle and Shaw are the priciest neighborhoods for renting right now

Logan Circle Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress

At the moment, Washington, D.C. is ranked as the fifth most expensive U.S. city for renting, beating out Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. Neighborhood by neighborhood, real estate website Zumper has broken down the numbers for renters to know which areas of the city have the highest costs and which have the lowest.

Below, check out an interactive map created by Zumper:

Can’t see the map? Or are you on mobile? See a jpeg of the map here.

The median price for a one-bedroom apartment in the District is $2,160, while a two-bedroom will cost a median $3,190. When it comes to the priciest neighborhoods in the city, that goes to both Logan Circle and Shaw, whose one-bedroom units cost a median $2,550. Other pricey neighborhoods include Downtown ($2,520), Dupont Circle ($2,500), and Barnaby Woods ($2,500).

The least expensive rents were found in Anacostia ($1,020) and Deanwood ($1,000).

D.C. residents will have realized this by now, but it’s worth noting that the boundaries set for each neighborhood in Zumper’s map are incredibly expansive and general. Anacostia, for instance, does not take up 75 percent of the neighborhoods East of the River. Brookland also does not take up such a large swath of land in the Northeast quadrant. Regardless, this map should be seen as a good, basic guide for understanding where rents are this summer.

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