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The wages you need to afford rent in every D.C. neighborhood, mapped

See what you need to make to live comfortably in the District

Screenshot via National Low Income Housing Coalition

One of the most common housing-related questions in Washington, D.C. is how much should one earn in order to live comfortably in the District? There have been many answers to this question, but a new map from the National Low Income Housing Coalition breaks the numbers down neighborhood by neighborhood.

In their interactive map, called Out of Reach, users are able to see shades of blue describing housing affordability with additional information on the required earnings. Greater Greater Washington further reported that the map shows the minimum wage and average wage that renters make in every state as well as each state’s number of renters and the share of all households that rent. Users of the map are able to search by state as well as by ZIP code.

Want to give the map a whirl? Head to the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s website here.

Map: What do you need to earn per hour to afford your neighborhood? [Greater Greater Washington]

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