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Bethesda project plans 309 homes for WMAL Tower site despite concerned locals

Residents were up in arms over this project, but the County Board unanimously approved it

Image via Montgomery County Planning Board

Earlier last week, a number of Montgomery County residents were upset with the County Planning Board’s decision to unanimously approve a project plan that will add hundreds of residences at the WMAL radio tower site in Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda Magazine reported that locals said that they hoped for more recreational space, fewer trees being removed, and more roadway improvements. There were also concerns about the additional traffic the project will bring.

At the WMAL radio tower site, developer Toll Brothers plans on constructing 309 homes, 150 of which will be townhomes and 159 of which will be single-family homes. Bethesda Magazine reported that the community will be built on a 75-acre site with about 18 acres of open space, only about three acres of which will be for recreation space.

Along with these plans, the developer will improve an intersection at Fernwood Road and Democracy Boulevard as well as convert a right-turn lane on Fernwood Road to a shared left-and-right turn lane. In order to get approved, the developer also offered to donate a 4.3-acre school site to the county.

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