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Black Cat nightclub to add third floor, lease ground floor

No changes will be made to the business, itself

The Black Cat.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons/AgnosticPreachersKid

There are plans to add a third floor to the building that currently houses the U Street nightclub, The Black Cat. UrbanTurf reported that there are also plans to lease the ground-floor space because “owner Dante Ferrando believes that the music venue is currently wasting prime street-level space that could add to the commercial streetscape.”

The facility that currently houses The Black Cat was constructed around 1913 and first served as a showroom for the Warrington Motor Car Company. The Black Cat was founded in 1993 by former Gray Matter drummer Dante Ferrando and investors that included D.C. area native and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.

Before the changes can be made to the building, the plans will have to be introduced to the Historic Preservation Office and the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

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