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D.C.’s Wilson Building lights up green in support of Paris climate agreement

Mayor Muriel Bowser also released a statement saying D.C. will continue to commit to becoming a more sustainable city

It’s official. President Donald Trump has pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate deal. In response, 83 mayors have agreed to adopt the agreement themselves, including D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

In another sign of solidarity for the Paris accord, the historic John A. Wilson Building, which houses the the Executive Office of the Mayor and the D.C. Council, lit up green last night along with dozens of monuments and buildings across the United States.

In her statement, Mayor Bowser said that the District will continue to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, saying, “Going forward, our commitment to wind and solar will not yield, and we will move forward with building a more sustainable D.C.”

Below, take a look at Bowser’s full statement:

“Washington, D.C. will continue to work with cities and countries around the globe to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The effects of climate change are already here, and without proper planning and collaboration, they will continue to get worse. It is in the best interest of our country’s safety, economy, and future to take climate change seriously, and as the Mayor of a major city, I have a special obligation to protect our environment for generations to come and to create policies and programs that reflect the values of the residents I serve. Over the past two years, Washington, D.C. has launched Climate Ready D.C., entered into one of the largest municipal onsite solar projects in the U.S., and completed the largest wind power purchase agreement deal of its kind ever entered into by an American city. Going forward, our commitment to wind and solar will not yield, and we will move forward with building a more sustainable D.C.

At a time when our country should be leading the fight against climate change, it is disappointing to see us retreating into isolation. Fortunately, I am confident that leaders around the country will continue to think globally, act locally, and ensure that the U.S. remains a strong partner in the fight against climate change.”

Take a look at how New York is responding to the news.

Statement on the Paris Agreement [Medium]