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Lincoln Memorial to get major upgrades

Expect more restrooms, a new elevator, and access to historic graffiti

Image via National Park Service

Ahead of the planned centennial dedication of the 95-year-old Lincoln Memorial, the National Park Service (NPS) is planning major upgrades to the memorial with hopes to create educational exhibits and access to the structure’s underbelly.

DCist reported that NPS hopes to add approximately 15,000 square feet of public space to the memorial’s undercroft, which will allow visitors to see graffiti created by construction workers between 1914 and 1922.

The exterior of the Lincoln Memorial will also be enhanced, while accessibility will be improved. Doorways will be enlarged, additional restrooms will be created, an elevator will be added, and the retail space will be relocated and expanded.

To help fund the project, philanthropist David Rubenstein donated $18.5 million to the National Park foundation.

NPS Plans To Make Major Upgrades To Lincoln Memorial [DCist]

Lincoln Memorial

National Mall, Washington, DC 20024