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Australian Embassy’s transformation, revealed

The building is getting more glam and glassy

Rendering via Bates Smart

Expect a brand spanking new embassy to admire in Washington, D.C., courtesy of the Australian Embassy. The embassy, located at 1601 Massachusetts Avenue NW, is currently planning on razing its existing chancery and replacing it with a newer, glassier building.

Rendering via Bates Smart

Along with office space, conference and meeting rooms, and consular services, this new building will boast solar panels, a green roof,and a landscaped cascading water feature on the southwest corner of the building.

Rendering via Bates Smart

UrbanTurf further reported that the new chancery will relocate its entry to the existing parking garage along Massachusetts Avenue NW to the public alley.

A photo of the current Embassy of Australia.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons/AgnosticPreachersKid

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