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Top Value Neighborhoods in DC Identified

Trulia has named the best communities for first-time buyers.

It’s not easy to be a buyer in DC, with prices spiking to peak levels in May. However, there’s still hope—and value—to be found in the city. Trulia has created a list of Washington’s Best Value Neighborhoods to help first-time buyers potentially avoid the jungle of jumbo loans and jo.

Trulia bases its list on prices, the quality of schools, crime rate, commute and neighborhood amenities. In future editions of this list, they may perhaps adjust rankings to account for flaws, such as constant sources of noise.

So, who wins the top spot? It’s none other than University Park in Avondale, Maryland. Why? Good schools, a low crime rate, a good commute and a median home selling price that falls below the metro area average. Originally incorporated in 1935, this town’s population is just 2,548, so it’s open to a few more. Some famous faces also have links here: Muppets creator Jim Henson lived here, and Maryland State Senator Paul G. Pinsky currently lives here.

via Trulia

In second place is the triangular-shaped Kingman Park in Northeast D.C., just North of the D.C. Armory and within blocks of the H Street Corridor. Within its 60 acres, or 40 blocks, reside great eateries and educational institutions. Living here carries a suburban feel.

Farlington-Shirlington in Arlington, Virginia takes third place. It gets points for the best bang for your buck.

And, here’s the top 10 list:

  1. University Park, Avondale, Maryland
  2. Kingman Park, D.C.
  3. Fairlington-Shirlington, Virginia
  4. Fort Belvoir, Virginia
  5. North Springfield, Virginia
  6. Groveton, Alexandria, Virginia
  7. Pimmit Hills, near Tysons Corner, Virginia,
  8. Broadlands, Loudoun County, Virginia
  9. Fort Hunt (near Mt. Vernon), Virginia
  10. Lincolnia, near Annandale, Virginia