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Beautiful Alexandria Home Lures You in at $1.85M

With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and lush outdoor space, this house shows how a neutral palette can also have personality.

via McEnearney Associates

While ugliness has transpired at 400 East Monroe Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia today, the peacefulness and beauty remains in certain public spaces and private places. Only 3.8 miles away at 2200 Windsor Rd, this 4000 s.f. home stands as a serene and stately refuge.

Its location in the prestigious Belle Haven neighborhood—just south of Old Town Alexandria and north of George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon—is also attractive. And yet, it’s also seen its share of violence. Once the home of a fort, the community functioned as an outpost, authorized by the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1674, to defend the young colony against Native Americans.

Even though the color gray has been perhaps too popular in its persistent presence within interior design, this home’s neutral color palette is done well. And, for a little more personality, there are patterns running subtly—and sometimes, not so subtly—throughout the walls and floors.

This tastefully elegant home can be yours for a mere $1,850,000. And with features like built-in bookshelves, lush outdoor space, and a private pool, it’s hard home to turn down for traditionalists.