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D.C. is the fifth most expensive U.S. city for renting

San Francisco is still the priciest

Photo via Daniel Mennerich

Nationwide, rents have pretty much returned to where they were in January of this year with a median $1,003 per month, compared to January’s $1,016.

In Washington, D.C., ABODO reported that the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment costs $2,176. This rent has risen 2.57 percent month-over-month. For two-bedrooms, the rent has risen 0.57 percent month-over-month to a median $3,067 per month.

Since May, D.C. has risen as the fifth most expensive city for renting in the nation. In first place is San Francisco, followed by New York City, then San Jose and Boston. Before, D.C. was in sixth place.

For more information on rental data on the nation’s most expensive cities for renting, be sure to check out ABODO’s recent report here.

Image via ABODO

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