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Indiegogo campaign launches to restore Union Station statues

Over $6,000 has been raised so far

Union Station
Union Station.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Marku1988

In May 2016, the Main Hall of Union Station completed a major restoration project that included repainting, re-gilding, and new gold leafing applied. Now, there are plans to restore four of Union Station’s 46 legionnaire statues.

On Indiegogo, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, in collaboration with Heineken USA and Union Station Redevelopment Corporation, is raising funds in order to return the site to its full historic grandeur.

By the time of this article’s publication, $6,034 was raised by 49 backers. Still, there are two months left to reach the $15,000 goal.

Union Station was constructed in 1908 by architect Daniel Burnham. At the time of its completion, Union Station was the largest train station in the world and covered more ground than any other building in the country, according to the Indiegogo campaign. Nearly 40 million visitors visit the station every year.

The 46 Roman-style legionnaire statues perched throughout the station were commissioned in 1905. Each was meant to symbolize the number of States in the Union in 1907.

The four statues that will be restored with help from the funds in the Indiegogo campaign are located over the entrance to the West Hall. There are plans to later restore the remaining 42 statues.

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Union Station

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