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Where to go now that the MLK Library is closed

Starting May 8, interim library services will begin

The approximately 45-year-old Martin Luther King, Jr. Library won’t reopen until 2020. Because of this, the D.C. Public Library system is expanding hours at all 25 of the neighborhood libraries, starting May 8.

An interim site in Downtown, called Library Express, will also open at 1990 K Street NW. According to DCist, Library Express will host books, computers, the Adult Literacy Resource Center, and the Center for Accessibility.

The Memory Lab will relocate to the Northeast Library at 330 7th Street NE, while The Studio Lab will be accessible at the Shepherd Park Library, located at 7420 Georgia Avenue NW. DCist further reported that portions of the MLK Library’s book collection will be available at the Washington Historical Society, Georgetown Library's Peabody Room, and the Library of Congress.

For a map of every public library in Washington, D.C. with more information on the hours at each location, check out the D.C. Public Library website.

For renderings and a video on what to expect for the MLK Library, head to this Curbed DC article.

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