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Georgetown’s Dumbarton House to reopen June 1

Expect changes to the programming, spaces, and air conditioning

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/AgnosticPreachersKid

It took three years of planning to figure out what to do with Dumbarton House’s trouble-prone air conditioner. Once planning was complete, The Georgetown Dish reported that installation of the new system caused the 1799-constructed mansion to be closed to regular admission since October 2016. Starting June 1, regular public admission will resume.

Along with changes to the air conditioning, there have also been changes made to the programming. A space on the second floor now hosts exhibit areas with galleries rather than the look of old guest bedrooms. By doing this, Dumbarton House staff hope visitors will be able to take self-guided tours. Docents will also be available with a modified tour.

Regarding issues surrounding the planning of the air conditioning system, The Georgetown Dish reported, “In addition to everyday concerns about cost and energy efficiency, Dumbarton needed to balance the humidity and temperature requirements of the building with those of its artifacts, while also ensuring comfort for visitors and staff.”

Alongside HVAC work, there were also repairs to the non-original windows.

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