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This Potomac McMansion’s pool is intense, vibrant, and oh-so-gorgeous

From the looks of the vibrant colors, it seems to be inspired by Gianni Versace’s infamous Miami Beach mansion

All photos via W.C. & A.N. Miller, Realtors, A Long & Foster Co.

Finally, an outdoor pool worth drooling over. In Potomac, Maryland, this five-bedroom, nine-bathroom property is on the market with an amenity guests are sure to ogle at: This incredibly vibrant pool. From the looks of this McMansion’s pool, it looks like it was inspired by the one located in Gianni Versace’s Miami Beach home, known as Casa Casuarina.

This isn’t the first Versace-inspired pool to ever pop up in the U.S. In fact, here’s one in Detroit.

Of course, this McMansion in Potomac, Maryland, didn’t put its entire efforts on designing an incredibly vibrant pool. There are a ton of other amenities scattered throughout the approximately 13,000-square-foot property. They include an elevator, his and her spa, caterer’s kitchen, and built-in outdoor grill with a fireplace.

There are a total of five bedrooms and nine bathrooms inside this home. The listing price totals $6,995,000. The listing agent is Jorie Koch of W.C. & A.N. Miller, Realtors, A Long & Foster Co.

Do you love this pool? Do you hate this pool? Or is it the McMansion that truly makes or breaks this listing? Let Curbed know in the comments.

For more photos of the ins and outs of this residence, see below.

9101 River Road [Long & Foster Real Estate]

9101 River Road [Estately]