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D.C.’s fastest growing neighborhoods, mapped

NoMa is one of the fastest, while Fairlawn is one of the slowest

Screenshot of ESRI

This new map, created by ESRI, shows which parts of Washington, D.C. have grown the fastest in the last five years.

According to Greater Greater Washington, the darker the blue on the map, the greater the growth. The pale orange colors indicate either a lack of growth or a decline.

Some of the darkest blues in the city can be seen in NoMa, Navy Yard, and Kent. Some of the palest oranges are found in Foggy Bottom and Fairlawn.

If interested in checking out which areas are growing and shrinking the most in population, give the map a whirl here.

This zoomable map shows where America is growing and shrinking, at the neighborhood level [Greater Greater Washington]

USA Projected Population Growth Rate 2010-2015 [ESRI]