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Have D.C. Metro area home prices recovered since the Great Recession?

Only 19.4 percent of D.C. area homes have recovered to their pre-recession peak values

Since the Great Recession, only 34.2 percent of homes nationally have seen their value surpass their pre-recession peak despite the “completed” recovery touted by both the Case-Shiller Index and FHFA House Price Index, as reported by Trulia.

In their latest report, Trulia evaluated the 100 largest Metro areas in the nation from December 1, 2009 to March 1, 2017, reporting that less than 3 percent of homes in Las Vegas have recovered, while 99 percent of homes in Denver have recovered.

For the D.C. Metro area, only 19.4 percent of homes have recovered to their pre-recession peak values. During the Great Recession, the peak value was $437,217. Today, it’s $381,913.

Housing markets still struggling to recovery include Tucson, Arizona, with 2.4 percent of homes recovered, Fresno, California, with 2.5 percent of homes recovered, and Camden, New Jersey, with 2.7 percent of homes recovered.

Those housing markets that have recovered the most include San Francisco, California (98 percent), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (94.3 percent), and Nashville, Tennessee (94.1 percent).

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