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It will run you 11,556 avocado toasts to put a down payment on a D.C. home

Yummy goodness will cost you

Photo via Shari’s Berries

There are plenty of variables that make becoming a homeowner in Washington, D.C. so difficult. According to one millionaire, though, there’s really only one thing standing in Millennials way: Avocado toast. According to Time, property mogul Tim Gurner said, "When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn't buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each."

Obviously, this is silly, but let’s take it somewhat seriously if only for a moment. Let’s say avocado toast really is the reason why Millennials are having a tough time making the transition into homeownership. crunched the numbers on how many avocado toasts one must sacrifice to buy a median priced home in the District. reported that the average cost for avocado toast in the city is $9, while the median home sale price in D.C. is $520,000. With this in mind, the estimated closing cost is $104,000. Put this all together, and that means that one would have to forego 11,556 avocado toasts to raise the necessary funds.

If you would like to ignore this millionaire’s advice, here’s a handy map on where one can find the best avocado toasts in the city, created by Curbed sister site Eater DC.

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