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The top five places where D.C. residents move to when they leave

Maryland and Virginia top the list

When it comes to Washington, D.C., people come and go, but when they leave, where do they venture to exactly? DataLensDC took a look at this migration and found that most who leave the District head to adjacent states, Maryland and Virginia to be exact. In fact, 42 percent of D.C. residents head to those states when they move out.

DataLensDC further reported that the top five places where D.C. residents move to and from are Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Arlington County, Fairfax County, and Alexandria.

When it comes to why people leave the city, DataLensDC reported that 23 percent leave for cheaper or better housing. 23 percent of those who come to D.C. most often search for an easier commute.

For more of DataLensDC’s data as well as the specific numbers when it comes to the migration in the D.C. area, go here.

Prince George’s County a Popular Home for Many Former D.C. Residents [DataLensDC]