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86-unit mixed-use project, Strand Theater renovation proposed near Deanwood

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Expect retail, community space, and residential units

All renderings via The Warrenton Group

Near Washington, D.C.’s Deanwood neighborhood, there are plans to construct a brand new mixed-use project, developed by The Warrenton Group.

The property is located at 5119-5123 and 5127 Nannie Helen Borroughs Avenue NE and 612 Division Avenue NE, just southeast of two D.C. Housing Authority (DCHA) properties, the Lincoln Heights and Richardson Dwellings. A portion of the property houses a carry-out restaurant and vacant buildings.

In an application filed with the Zoning Commission, the developer is asking for the site to be rezoned from MU-3 to MU-5-A. The proposal is to redevelop the property with a mixed-use building containing 1,389 square feet of ground-floor retail and 1,233 square feet of community space topped by a six-story apartment building.

This 78,546-square-foot apartment building will feature 86 residential units, 28 of which will be replacement units for the Lincoln Heights and Richardson Dwellings properties controlled by the DCHA.

There will also be a ground-level parking garage with 17 vehicle spaces and 38 bicycle spaces.

With all of this planned, the developer also plans on renovating the historic Strand Theater, which is adjacent to the proposed mixed-use project. The developer also hopes to seek a commercial tenant to occupy the space. When the Strand Theater first opened in 1928, it was the first motion picture theater constructed east of the Anacostia River for African-American patrons.