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Woodley Park condo nearly breaks record with $8.4M sale

Wardman Tower could have made history as having the most expensive condo ever sold in the District

Marriott Wardman Park Tower.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Jürgen Matern

Still, the most expensive condo to ever sell in Washington, D.C. is a Chevy Chase condo that sold for $8.65 million in July 2014. This year, the most expensive condo sold yet nearly broke that record after an $8.4 million purchase from an unnamed buyer.

This year’s pricey condo is located in Woodley Park’s Wardman Tower, a 32-unit luxury residential project constructed in 1928. The penthouse in question offers three private garage parking spaces. According to the Washington Business Journal, the unit presumably offers four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and at least one fireplace.

There are no listing photos available as the exact unit that was acquired is still up for question.

At $8.4M, Wardman Tower condo nearly sets record for most expensive ever sold in D.C. [Washington Business Journal]

This really is the most expensive condo in the D.C. metro area [Washington Business Journal]