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Every D.C. Metro station’s closest public bathroom, mapped

See where you can find the most easily accessible toilets

Screenshot of the D.C. Metro Bathroom Map

When you gotta go, you gotta go—but where should you go? This new map created by a local plumbing and electric company, known as Michael & Son, maps every Metro station in Washington, D.C. and indicates which public bathrooms are nearby with instructions included.

With every mapped bathroom, there is a rating system to show just how easily accessible each is. Sometimes, the restrooms mapped are in grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels. If a Metro station has a red image of a toilet on top of it, that means there are no public bathrooms available nearby.

According to DCist, the Metro line with the fewest amount of public restrooms nearby is the Green Line. “Out of the six stations from Anacostia to Branch Avenue, Naylor Road is the only one with a nearby restroom—it’s at a seafood restaurant a couple of blocks away,” reported DCist.

If less interested in finding the nearest bathroom, but instead the oddest, check out this Curbed DC map.

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