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People’s Climate March, what to expect

See the march schedule and route

Image via People’s Climate Movement

The People’s Climate Movement (PCM) is marching Saturday, April 29, not just for the climate, but also for jobs and justice.

“This is not something that came about because of Trump,” says Lauren Thorpe, one of the PCM Organizers. “[It was instead] because our president is scaling back the progress that’s been made, the need for action is heightened.”

The People’s Climate March was planned before the November election results. The Movement is a coalition of more than 400 organizations that have been been demanding climate action. It started with the 2014 march on the eve of the UN Climate Summit when 400,000 people marched through New York City.

The organizers expect a mix of marchers from student organizations, labor unions, and faith-based organizations to members of indigenous communities. For a comprehensive breakdown of the contingents involved, check out this video.

“We can’t expect our elected officials to solve the problem,” explains Thorpe. “Action happens when the people hold the feet of those in power to the fire.”

What to expect:

9 a.m.: 400+ buses will begin to descend on the District.

10 a.m.: Several rolling street closures will begin along Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

12:30 p.m.: The march officially begins in front of the Capitol Building at 3rd Street NW and Jefferson Drive SW. From there, the route runs straight up Pennsylvania Avenue NW toward the White House.

2 p.m.: The group will split in half and surround the White House. At 2 p.m., there will be a mass sit-in and moment of silence.

3 p.m.: The march will culminate at the Washington Monument where people can expect speakers, music, and art.