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Video: D.C. realtor blends rap with real estate

Realtor Kevin Poist uses positivity and creativity to help clients

Evers & Co. real estate agent Kevin Poist often uses video as a way to help market himself.

In a new video, two of Poist’s clients rap about what characteristics they’re looking for in a home. Think a parking pad, hardwood flooring, and a location close to the Metro. Then, as they search for their perfect home sweet home with Poist, they find a match.

The two then rap, “So, we gave our best bid, felt confident. We got the house that we love because of Kevin’s competence.”

In an interview with Curbed DC, Poist said that he’s been in real estate for about five years now. What caused him to consider using rap was that he wanted to have one video where he could show that real estate doesn’t have to be stuffy, but instead very relatable and lighthearted.

Poist said he wanted to have fun with this video, adding, “I like having fun with words. When I was younger, I wrote a lot of poetry. Words come very natural to me.”

There is also another real estate agent in the D.C. area who utilizes poetry and rap as a method to help market his listings. Tom Faison takes the typically straight-forward listing write-ups and makes them sound more like slam poetry.

While Poist said that he is aware of Faison’s poetic listings, it wasn’t his influence that caused him to make the real estate rap video.

Will real estate rap catch on, though? Poist says, “I don’t know if real estate rap will ever catch on as a theme in advertising per se, but as long as agents are having fun and they are serving their clients, buyers, and sellers to the best of their ability, that is the best thing that the real estate industry can hope for.”

Take a look at the video below.