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Since launch, Capital Bikeshare has expanded by 825 percent

There are currently a total of 3,700 bikes

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty Launches Capital Bikeshare Program
Former Mayor Adrian Fenty rides on a bike for a media photo-op during the launching of the Capital Bikeshare program September 20, 2010 in Washington, D.C. 
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Biking in the city is not just an affordable, sustainable option of transportation. It’s also a transit option that’s skyrocketing every year in popularity.

Since Capital Bikeshare launched in 2010, the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) reports that the company has expanded from 400 bikes to over 3,700 bikes in December 2016, an 825 percent growth.

In their latest report, NACTO reported that bike share riders in the U.S. took over 28 million trips in the year 2016, a 25 percent jump from the previous year. Between 2010 and 2016, there were 88 million total bike share trips taken.

In the nation, the majority of all bike share rides are New York’s Citi Bike, the D.C. area’s Capital Bikeshare, Miami’s Citi Bike, Chicago’s Divvy, and Greater Boston’s Hubway. Don’t expect the growth to stop across the nation. Detroit, New Haven, and New Orleans have also begun to roll out major expansions in ridesharing.

To see how ridesharing systems have proliferated around the nation, check out NACTO’s full report below.

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