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New rendering released for apartment building planned across from Meridian Hill Park

See the before-and-after

Once again, another new look has been revealed for a planned apartment building across from Meridian Hill Park.

In September 2016, UrbanTurf reported on the then-latest design changes that resulted after the developers met with ANC 1C. At the time, the project, located at 2300 16th Street NW, dropped the number of proposed residential units from 140 to 110.

In preparation for this month’s upcoming meeting with the ANC 1C Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee, additional changes have been made to the development. UrbanTurf reported that these include lowering the building by 15 feet to 238 total feet and creating a more refined penthouse design.

The development team behind the project is comprised of Streetscape Partners and Westbrook Partners in partnership with the Meridian International Center. The architect is Perkins Eastman.

The Latest Design Changes for 110-Unit Project Across From Meridian Hill Park [UrbanTurf]

A New Look for 110-Unit Project Across From Meridian Hill Park [UrbanTurf]