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Keep track of every project in every D.C. neighborhood with this map

Time to stay up-to-date on every project in Washington, D.C.

Screenshot of Recity

For those who need a break from Washington, D.C.’s Project Pipeline Database, tracking urban real estate has never been easier than with Recity, which just launched on March 1. With both web and mobile versions available, the data research and analytics platform is able to map and collect information on every planned project in every D.C. neighborhood.

Recity can also offer details such as the timeline for every project as well as the developer, architect, and incoming retailers. The website also tracks developer land acquisitions, which allows users to stay ahead of major development stories.

In order to stay up-to-date, Recity combs through building permits, zoning documents, and real estate trends by applying proprietary algorithms.

Currently, the platform only offers information on projects located in Washington, D.C., but eventually it will expand to Boston, Massachusetts and Seattle, Washington.

If interested in giving the website a whirl, check out this Vimeo video first to learn how to use the platform.

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