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Reagan National Airport’s $1 billion improvements to begin this sumer

Passenger service is expected to improve tremendously

All renderings via Reagan National Airport

Reagan National Airport was designed to handle 15 million passengers every year. At the moment, the airport serves over 23 million. In order to make passenger experience better, there are plans for many renovations. To do this, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority kicked off Project Journey, a $1 billion, multi-year campaign scheduled to mobilize in the summer of 2017.

According to a press release, part of the project will include:

“... two new security checkpoints that fully connect the concourse level of Terminal B/C to airline gate areas, buildout of an enclosed commuter concourse to replace the 14 outdoor gates currently serviced by buses from gate 35X, and future improvements to roadway and parking configurations.”

Already, design has been completed for the two new security checkpoints. Once activated, the new checkpoints will expand capacity from 20 to 28 security lanes.

The project will occur in two concurrent phases with the new security checkpoints opening in 2020 and the new commuter concourse completing in 2021.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

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