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Visualizing D.C.’s population density in comparison to New York, Los Angeles

As well as Paris, Baltimore, Amsterdam, and other cities

Some people believe no one actually lives in D.C. Despite this, Washington, D.C.’s population is expected to surpass the all-time high at around 800,000 in the next decade. Currently, there are roughly 670,000 people who live within D.C.'s 61 square miles. But how does that compare to other cities and their density?

SpareFoot found a way to measure this with a rather extensive infographic that measures how big D.C. would be if it was as densely populated as cities like New York, Paris, and Boston.

To see how the population of the District has progressed over the past 100 years, check out the graphic below.

For the full SpareFoot-created infographic that compares D.C. to other cities, see below.

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