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Need-to-know data for the D.C. renter

D.C. ranks as the fifth most expensive city in the nation for renters, according to two sources

Let’s face it: Data can contradict. So, in order to help renters in Washington, D.C. know what they should expect when they nab themselves a one-bedroom, Curbed has put together data compiled by real estate data gurus across the internet.

How do D.C. neighborhoods compare with each other on rent? How does the District compare to other cities in the nation? Or in the world? See what you should expect below.

Image via Apartment List

In the D.C. Metro area, D.C. proper remains the most expensive city for renters, according to Apartment List. Bethesda, Maryland and Arlington, Maryland rank in second and third place, respectively, for cities with the highest rents.

For one-bedrooms, D.C.’s median rent grew 1.5 percent year-over-year to $2,150/month. Two-bedrooms now also cost a median of $3,060/month.

For Bethesda, the typical one-bedroom costs $2,250/month, while for Arlington, the monthly median cost is $2,050/month.

Centreville, Virginia ranks as the eighth most expensive city in the D.C. Metro area to rent in, but it is also the fastest. Apartment List reported that the city experienced a 6.3 percent year-over-year increase, bringing the one-bedroom median rent to $1,460/month.

Apartment List’s latest report only draws data from the millions of listings on their site.

Image via Zumper

When comparing Washington, D.C. to other cities in the U.S., Zumper reports that the District ranks with the fifth highest rents. In the last Zumper monthly report, D.C. ranked in seventh place.

For a one-bedroom in the city, the median monthly rent totals $2,010, up 1 percent month-over-month and down 7.4 percent year-over-year. Two-bedroom apartments jumped 4.9 percent month-over-month and decreased 8 percent year-over-year to $2,760/month.

To create their monthly report, Zumper analyzes rental data from over 1 million active listings in the top 100 U.S. Metro areas by population.

Image via ABODO

Similarly to Zumper, ABODO also ranked Washington, D.C. as having the fifth most expensive rents in the nation.

When it comes to one-bedrooms, D.C. is reported to have a median monthly rent of $2,080, a 2.5 percent month-over-month rise. For two-bedrooms, the number comes to $2,857/month, a 7.8 percent month-over-month rise.

To come up with these numbers, ABODO utilized over 1 million listings across the U.S. on their website.

While Zumper and ABODO ranked Washington, D.C. as the fifth most expensive Metro area in the nation for renters, London-based online real estate brokerage Nested ranked the District as the fourth most expensive city in the nation for renters. In the world, the city ranks as the seventh most expensive city for renters.

To pay the average rent of $3.33 per square foot, or $1,398 for a 420-square-foot unit, D.C. renters need an income of at least $57,670.

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