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D.C. government revokes building permit for ‘inconsistent’ Kingman Park project

Good news for the locals, bad news for the developer

Rendering via Board of Zoning Adjustment documents

Since June 2013, there have been plans to convert a single-family dwelling at 1511 A Street NE into an 18-unit, multi-family residential development. ANC 6A described the proposed building as too dense and “dramatically inconsistent” with the neighborhood.

In response to these concerns, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) notified the developer of the project this Wednesday that they intend to revoke the improper building permit and demand the owner surrender the permit.

The permit would have allowed a C-2-A development in an R-4 zone. Along with ANC 6A, ANC 6C and neighbors in the community appealed the decision after the DCRA issued a permit, authorizing the construction of the project, on September 2016.

Founder of Bello, Bello, and Associates Toye Bello and developer Taiwo Demuren are behind the project. Bello is known for serving as the DCRA’s former Zoning Administrator and later losing the position in June 2005 due to complaints from D.C. residents.

Further complaints from residents on Demuren and Bello have included contract workers damaging adjacent houses and the continuity of work on a project despite multiple stop work orders from the DCRA.

In its recent revocation letter, the DCRA admitted that it applied the wrong zoning to the permit issued on September 2016.

The D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) is scheduled to hear the neighborhood’s appeal on the project on April 5. It was originally scheduled for March 1, but the BZA had a full agenda.

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