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Mapping D.C.’s snowplow progress

If you’re in the blue section, you should be all good

Screenshot of Snowplow Tracker

If property owners in Washington, D.C. don’t shovel their sidewalks, they get fined. It’s as simple as that. But how can one know when to expect the District’s snowplows?

With this map—created by the District Snow Team, composed of the Department of Public Works and Department of Transportation—D.C. residents can keep track of which streets are good to go for walking or driving and which ones still need some assistance from a snow plow or two.

In the map, the areas that are blue represent areas that have already been covered by snowplows. Those that are red have not yet been serviced.

If interested in giving the map a whirl, check it out over here.

Before this winter’s Storm Stella began on Monday evening, over 200 plows were already set to go. This past Sunday, several city departments even began pre-treating some roadways and sidewalks around public areas.

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