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What's being considered for the former Fannie Mae site

Wegman's, housing, and more

Photo via Shutterstock/Frontpage

With Fannie Mae planning to move, it's time to figure out what to do with their former headquarters, located at 3900 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

Sekisui House, one of Japan’s largest developers, and Roadside Development partnered to purchase Fannie Mae’s headquarters last year, and are now visiting with community stakeholders.

UrbanTurf reported that at a community meeting that was hosted this past Monday, Roadside's proposed ideas included:

"... using the northern leg as a space for arts classes and performances, the southern leg as a hospitality space with uses like a spa or hotel, and the center leg as a restaurant. Another idea is to take advantage of the grade change by inserting a high-end grocer—Roadside mentioned Wegman’s as an option—under the northern leg of the building. Other retail and restaurants would be arrayed behind the E-shaped building along a pedestrian through-way."

There are also plans for "some sort of community amenity space."

The redevelopment is expected to house up to seven buildings with housing and below-grade parking. The housing would range from apartments to townhouses.

According to UrbanTurf, the primary, E-shaped building will likely be the only structure retained by the end of the redevelopment.

Before any further, more detailed plans are revealed, Roadside will continue to meet with the community over the next month or so.

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