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Georgetown's ANC in favor of planned Georgetown-Rosslyn gondola

Arlington County Board continues to not support the transit project

Earlier this month, the Arlington County Board wrote a letter, stating that they do not plan on helping fund the planned gondola system that will connect Rosslyn, Virginia with Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood. This lack of support doesn't seem to have spread to ANC 2E as they passed a resolution on Monday in favor of the project moving forward, though with a few reservations.

The Georgetown Metropolitan reported that the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) still needs to secure a landing site and initiate a multi-year environment impact analysis.

Landing sites that have been proposed so far include one next to the Exxon at the bottom of the Exorcist Steps and one at the top along Prospect Street NW.

According to The Georgetown Metropolitan, "It's still a long shot that this can get built, but if it does, last night was a key step."

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