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Spring home selling tips for the D.C. realtor

“There’s something sort of magical about gray right now”

Photo via Shutterstock/Andy Dean Photography

From the right paint color to the features that homebuyers are searching for, here are the tips sellers should stay aware of. McEnearney Associates Realtor Brett West took the time to speak with Curbed DC on what sellers should know for the spring season.

See what to expect below.

This spring will be a seller’s market.

Washington, D.C. is a city that appeals to all generations in a variety of industries, not just government. Because of this and because Millennials are saving up for homes, West said, “It’s going be a very busy market.”

“For [those] who take making a first impression serious both in preparation and in pricing, the market is going to be pretty heavily weighted to sellers,” said West.

Despite this, West advised that sellers “price accordingly.” If a home is still in need of work, be sure to avoid premium prices.

The features buyers will and won’t be looking for.

Lighting is of the upmost importance when it comes to showcasing a home. “You never encounter a buyer that says, ‘I’m looking for a dark place,’” said West. Planting some new flowers or making sure that the lawn is well groomed is also important.

If thinking of painting the walls a new color, consider a middle to light gray. “It really sets off the room and gives a clean, fresh look ... There’s something sort of magical about gray right now,” said West.

When it comes to features that aren’t as high of a priority as they used to be, West said that consumers aren’t as interested in granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. While they still command a lot of attention, today’s consumer understands that there are other priorities.

For example, has the roof been well maintained? Is the HVAC on its last leg? In the end, the property must be solid and in a good working condition.

Final need-to-know tip for the season.

While this spring is expected to be a seller’s market, West said that sellers should still expect homes to be on the market a little bit longer.

“You just can’t take the market for granted,” said West.