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Why do you love D.C.?

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If you could write a love letter to Washington, D.C., what would you say?

Recently, Curbed SF wrote their own love letter to San Francisco, listing 101 reasons why the West Coast city is so beautiful, quirky, and unique. From the official flower to the restaurants, there’s a lot to love.

Obviously, love is pretty subjective, but what is it about the District that helps you get up in the morning?

To help get the list started, here are some things Curbed DC enjoys about the city:

  • The monuments, memorials, and museums, of course (shout out to the Smithsonian!)
  • Don’t forget about the parks
  • Cherry blossoms galore
  • Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere (with coffee)
  • We have some of the most famous neighbors around
  • Our libraries don’t mess around when it comes to design
  • The food scene is getting pretty big

Have any other suggestions? Let Curbed know in the comments.