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Clarendon’s IOTA Club building may be demolished

The IOTA owner doesn’t expect the renovations to happen soon

Photo via Google Street View

In Arlington, Virginia, along the 2800 blocks of Clarendon and Wilson boulevards, there are big plans that may eventually affect an office building, the IOTA Club and Cafe, the former A&R Engravers storefront, and the Baja Fresh restaurant.

ARLnow reported that the building will be partially demolished, while the facade will be preserved and restored. To the office building, the renovation will add a fourth floor and 26,784 square feet of additional space. The first two floors of the office building will also be redesigned for office or retail use. New storefronts will be added to the ground floor. A basement for public self-storage may eventually be constructed.

Other plans reported by ARLnow include new private outdoor roof terraces and the installation of a “partial green roof.”

While ARLnow expects the IOTA Club and Cafe to either close its doors or relocate, IOTA Co-owner Jane Negrey Inge told the local blog that she does not expect the renovations to happen “any time… soon.”

The plans, which are still in the early stages, will need to be reviewed by the Site Plan Review Committee and presented to the Arlington Planning Commission and the Arlington County Board.

IOTA Club Building to Be Demolished Under Market Common Clarendon Redevelopment Proposal [ARLnow]